Product Description

Metal jacketed gasket

Metal jacketed gasket is a hybrid of materials consisting of a metallic or non-metallic compressed fibre filler (soft filler/gasket) encapsulated by metallic outer shell. This combination offers better performance than just the gasket alone, as the metal jacket protects the filler material and at the same time withstand corrosion, higher pressure and temperature.

Metal jacketed gasket are designed for a wide range of smooth surface applications such as heat exchangers, autoclaves, columns, engines, boilers, gas mains, flanges, valve bonnets, cylinder head.

Our specially designed metal jacketed gaskets are done by in-house maestros.


We specialize in several styles, namely:

(i) Single jacketed
(ii) Single jacketed overlap
(iii) Double jacketed
(iv) Doubled jacketed double shell

(i) Single jacketed – single metal jacket encapsulating soft filler, which also protect the soft edge of the gasket’s material. The basic style ideal for narrow application.

(ii) Single jacketed overlap – similar to single jacketed, but the soft filler is completely enclosed with a single metal jacket overlapping on one face.

(iii) Double jacketed – the most recommended and popular metal jacketed gasket in used. This offers resilience and good compressibility.

(iv) Double jacketed double shell – Compared to double jacketed, this style has increased resistance characteristics and withstand higher compressive loads.


Our advantages:

a) we are able to custom made metal jacketed gasket in circular and non-circular configurations

b) choice of style that best suit your requirements

c) choice of materials for metal jackets and fillers


To enquire on materials, products, dimensions, applications, specifications or customisations, please call us at (+65) 62970944 or email us here .


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