Product Description

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre Gasket

Compressed non-asbestos (CNA) fibre sheets can be used in a wide spectrum of applications (ranging from high temperature, high pressure, fire-safe, chemical resistance, to general purpose usage). Compressed non-asbestos (CNA) fibre sheets are versatile depending on the composition and mixture of fibres [such as aramid fibres, glass fibres, cardon fibres, mineral fibres and/or organic fibres] and elastomer / elastomeric binder [such as nitrile rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, etc].

We at Shenton Engineering carries a myriad of brands of CNAF sheets and CNAF cut gaskets to cater to your specifications and needs. Our gaskets can be fabricated according to the following standards:

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Assorted Custom Gaskets
Customized CNAF gasket
Customized CNAF gasket