Benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting:

– Waterjet cut without heat, hence there are no thermal distortion, and no heat affected zones that might change the material properties.
– It is environmental friendly, as waterjet cutting does not emit harmful gases or by-products, unlike laser cutting or plasma cutting.
– Intricate and complex designs can be crafted easily.
– With the addition of abrasive, waterjet cutting can cut almost any materials* over a wide range of thickness.
*Metals, including stainless steel, copper, alumimum, lead, brass, titanium etc.
*Composites, including carbon fiber, reinforced plastics, fiberglass, kevlar etc.

Benefits of automated digital (knife) cutting:

– It is similar to waterjet cutting as there are no thermal distortion, no heat affected zone, no harmful gases and by-products.
– Prototypes, samples and small batch productions can be fabricated within a short turnaround time.
– Production of larger size gaskets that was previously labour intensive.

We also offer customised products according to your specifications. Simply provide us with CAD format/file (DXF, DWG), sample parts, templates or drawings.

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